Spraying is a necessary service for a number of reasons. We provide weed control to contractors in order to eliminate the safety hazards associated with unwanted vegetation. Vegetation control ensures compliance with government regulations. Restricted weeds must be eradicated and noxious weeds must be controlled according to the department of agriculture in most states.

Spraying also reduces the risks associated with fires. By eliminating vegetation around equipment such as, wind turbines, oil field sites, and sub-stations, it greatly reduces the risks of fire damage caused by electrical shorts or wild fires. Eliminating the vegetation provides a barrier in case of wild fires that have been common in the regions we service.

Rodent safety is also a key component of weed control. Poison snakes, spiders, and other pests are less likely to inhabit areas where there is no vegetation. These pests will also be visible to workers.

Weed control also reduces the amount of snow build-up and allows for easier access to the equipment for maintenance. Snow and other moisture will evaporate faster in the absence of vegetation.

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