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K2 Services is primarily a weed control company that has been in business for 10 years. We have experience spraying wind turbine sites, oilfield locations, power plants, agriculture crops and residential lawns. Having experience in agriculture allows for sound decisions to be made on when and how to apply herbicides correctly in crop and non-crop land.

Proper licensure, SAFETY, and quality products are instrumental to the services that our company provides. There will be a Nationally Certified Paramedic and Haz-Mat Technician available for every job. We staff a full time HSE director. All employees have completed the NFPA 70-E Course and abide by the company safety plan that is available for review upon request. Employees will wear proper PPE including FR long sleeve shirts and pants, safety glasses, hard hats, chemical resistant gloves and steel toed water proof boots. We currently hold licenses in Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, and Missouri and are looking to expand beyond that region. We are currently a member of ISN and can obtain credentials in other safety programs upon request.

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